Sunday, December 18, 2011

A tiny progress rapport on Excalibur

I worked one to two hours yesterday, the mockup of the new prefs is now functional, whit some minor issues, there are some stuff that was missing in the GUI, like truck long files names, there were some settings that where not saved or I’m having problems whit because I don’t know if it ever worked because of the project has been resting on my hard drive for so long whit out being worked on.

The next thing I will do is try to group the different settings so you have a better idea about what etch option does.

I’m thinking about adding some new options for visual effects for the scrollbar, maybe you like to change the color, or you don’t like light effect.

And there is the ASL requestor that keeps crashing on me, I have used some old code I have not checked too closely, this should be fixed whit ease.

I have not done anything whit the installer script it works, I know some of you don’t like bash scripts, I have no clue about the installer script format, so if someone like to write better installer script I’m happy to take it.

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