Thursday, December 15, 2011

The new Shell for AmigaOS

I see a lots of negative comment about not having the new Shell, and the old one not having a scroll bar. for AmigaOS, this comments I have hard time understanding, because it so easy to install KingCON and it work so well, KingCON gives you scroll bar, it gives you file selector if you TAB and you get lots of results.

I will try to describe how to install KingCON on your AmigaOS4 computer.

1. Put KingCon-Mountlist in devs:

2. Put KongCON-Handler in SYS:L/

3. Check that you have this line in S:User-Startup

4. On your shell icon, change the tool type from CON: to KCON:
and then you save.

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