Monday, May 21, 2012

Excalibur v1.1.1

Lately I have been working on Excalibur the toolbar / start button application, I recently uploaded a new version to OS4Depot, some people that did not install application nor read the user guide, noticed some problems that I did not notice, on my optimal configured Excalibur v1.1.0, so the same day I fixed and uploaded version 1.1.1, this version will solve some of the confusion and crashes.

Often when you write a program, you forget to test all conditions where application can fail.
Some developers use beta testers but then beta tester are often lazy and don't report back, so I don't.
Some languages like ruby on rails, run a number of testes to check if some thing is broken, that's not case when my hobby projects, and to tell you the truth it will mostly likely take 3 times as long to complete projects that way, because all test has to be written, in many case you don't know what test before problem is noticed, when many developers cooperate on project test are a necessary evil, because sometime some think they can remove or change some thing, maybe they did not understand way things where written the way it was.

I guess way to do it, is to split up the application in many smaller parts that can be compile and tested individually, sorry people not going to do that its way too much work, and result of test is debatable, of cause 1 or 2 bugs might be found before a application is uploaded that way, but I think of all my users as beta testers, you use my applications freely so that's your job :-b

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Some progress information.

As you most likely noticed by now I broken my promise did say it was going to be ready last week on Facebook, some times other things get in the way, its not always easy to estimate what I'm going to spend time on, it might where well be that I change my mind and so I did.

I have decided to spend a bit more time on toolbar, because I know many of you would expect to be able to remove icons dropped on toolbar, so I think this was important to do.

Individual logo for each menu or directory has not happened, I don't know if I should delay the release of this version because of that, it seams silly.

There are many things that can be made easier or improved but I'm not going to do all at once, yes the installation sucks, yes the is no way to edit the menus whit the exception of using notepad, and I think some of you have missed mouse scroll wheel support, at least I have because I'm using my application more and more as it improves.