Sunday, December 11, 2011

Created this blog to day

I going to tell you about me, I born in Norway whit Dyslexia, because of problem got my first computer to do school work a PC, that we traded in for Amiga500, a lot of my life has been spent in front of my computer, trying to write games demos in Basic computer language, mostly BlitzBasic and AMOS, during this period I neglected lots of friends, some got other interest or moved away.

As Kid as we bit like a outsider I guess my problems whit dyslexia made me feel less cool, did quite fit inn not so good in sports, as result I have the best friends, the friends that understand and you can say anything too, whit out being embarrassed.

During my teen years I spent most of my time whit school work, and computers did not really have time for girlfriends, how there was this girl in my class I was in love whit, my first Girl friend I got  in 1997 I think it was, she was a my best friend and love of my life, then school one again got in the way, this did not work out, never really stooped loving her, I used to drive her home when she as drunk.

I ended up whit Technical degree in Electronics and Computers, bit unexperienced stumbled around in few companies.

I spent a lot of time in disco's trying this time to find lady the perfect one you know the one that does not exist, smart fun sexy and whit out kids, then I gave up and found absolutely wrong lady not going to go in too details, it was big mistake.

In the end I ended up whit my old X, you know the first one, it has not rally worked out as I hoped, she has a kid, and you know find the right time to get to know etch other has been difficult.

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