Friday, January 20, 2012

Progress rapport for download manager.

It takes time to get every as it should, time is limiting factor, so I have done a lot, but things are getting there slowly, its all about trying and experimenting, one thing that taken a lot time is refreshing and redrawing of download manager as easy to overload the CPU when I redraw the progress bars, so being careful to only draw, update or scale the progress bares, is important when your working on custom graphical user interface.

 The fallowing screens shots show a lot of fake downloads, I use a lot fake files for testing.

Tiny review about headphones.

I have Freetalk Freedom Wireless from skype and I have Logtech H760.

The Logitech is comfortable to use, it has good treble sound it does not have base and mic is at best average, no build quality it breaks easily, it leaks sound from headphones and the is easy picked up by the mic, if you just wont to talk whit your friends its fine as long as you don't listen to music at the same time.

The Freetalk was bit of disappointment, it did have lot of base but did not have any treble sound, my friends complained about poor mic quality, it does not leak sound, but its not leak from headphones like Logitech does, it is much better better quality but not so comfortable it sits too tight, it's okay for listening to music but not talk to your friends.

Do you have a proposal for headphones that you know is good quality place make comment Below.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Spotify or Despotify for AmigaOS4

A long time go I tried to port (De)Spotify, the open source version to AmigaOS4, but because 
we do not have the latest DNS api, too old TCP/IP stack (not supporting IPv6), too old SSL encryption, oh yes some problems whit UTF8/16, I did get it compiling and running whit the text based console, but network connection just closed on me, eventually I gave up. But not all is lost, recently OpenSSL was updated, and Skuggan has been taking whit Spotify to get an NDA agreement that allows him access to some developer documentation, there also has been talks about giving Spotify development team a Sam460 Amiga PPC so they can develop a Amiga version.

If you like to read about check out:

Friday, January 13, 2012

Amiga projects and stuff.

As you all know, I released  Excalibur on New Year, whit many bug fixes and improvements, right now I'm not working on this project, I have moved on to some thing else.

For some time Antique and Me have wondered about making a download manager for OWB it did not happen, but we talked about how etc, too much SCII and Skype and too little work, nothing happened, but now I have started slowly to make that dream come true.

What I have done is downloaded the source code of wget and modified so easier integrated in too a GUI, when ever wget is executed from shell or by a script it will display the progress in the GUI.

There is a lot has to be done, but all in due time.