Monday, December 12, 2011

Amiga Projects

Lately  I spent less time on Amiga projects, mostly wasting time talking to my friends on Skype, playing StarCraft 2, or chatting on Facebook,

I'm Currently not in need of anything special, I know “Antique” is working on some thing I'm going to use, I'm really happy about progress from others Ka1e, FAB and co has done amazing job in porting MUI OWB, I know it required lots of work from Hyperion team, I'm really happy about USB2 support finally being available, and some of bug fix has made it possible to track down a bug in one of my application.

I'm going to upload a new version of Excalibur soon, its start button, toolbar thing, like you have in Windows, it was originally created back in 1996 in BlitzBasic, under the name wb96, so this is rally old project, I got some help form salass00 and Rigo, so thanks my Amiga friends the bug is found. I don't really use Excalibur this days, but I like my programs to work, and I need some thing to take my mind of other things in my life.


  1. Cool! I look forward to see the Excalibur application. :) Will you upload it to

  2. I never upload my application to, when I uploaded software you will find it on

  3. Ok, I'll keep my eyes open on OS4 Depot. :)