Saturday, April 28, 2012

Some nice progress, enjoyable weekend

This weekend my friend Svenn Ove, been on visit, he has been working on some new logos for Excalibur.
I have also created a new logo in white, I have also been fixing some rendering bugs in Excalibur, and added a new icons to toolbar, the configuration in text file, no current configuration program for it, but its easily editable, the new toolbar uses the csv format. Besides this the weekend has been spent on looking at films going out, and playing some adventure games.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The New Look Of Excalibur whit alphaclips.

Her is tiny blog as promised

I keep it short as not in right mood for writing anything long, after long work week, this blog is to give some of you a idea on how Excalibur looks like after all the changes, I think visual effects will make people interested that was not, I don't write programs so that nobody are using them, I do write programs in hope that some one do find this applications useful, and it does get me sanctification figuring out how to do some thing I have not done before, I do take feature requests, but don't expect me do every thing at ones, this is hobby and a self made programs from ground up and it takes time, its not just find a SDL game you or any one can recompile.

In the screen-shots you find tiny new detail, date is displayed in right corner it was only time before, I used only timer.device, to my surprise the date and time is handled by dos.library.

The black look is to check if the PNG border works, so it has all the corners and upper and bottom, left and right borders, I have turned the general transparency level to 0, did not look right whit transparency on the menu.

The white menu is a joke, my bloody hands has been all over the menus :-)
I have also tiny bit transparent, you can see the icons in the background.

Monday, April 9, 2012

This ester I have been doing a few things :-)

I have been to the cabin whit my family, in weekend I have been partying whit good friends (DJ Vibes is the local DJ), and talked to interesting people:

Some information about DJ Vibes you can find her:
80's party, LOL :-)

When I have not been parting and play stupid fb games, family stuff I have been working on Excalibur, adding transparent borders to menus, it has been tricky need to experiment a lot, amiga datatypes (default image loader) do not support PNG images whit alpha, PNG images are now loaded whit libpng, and datatypes are now used as fallback for other images types.

The hard part is rendering, because alpha channel has rendered separated from bitmap image, and alpha channel has be prepared before the window opens, so graphic has to be rendered two times.

Its not really possible to update the alpha after its done, because once its applied to the window, the content of window is distorted by some ending swapping crap that should not happen (OS bug), so if I where to do that then I need to redraw the graphics also, it is also slow, so its better to do it once.

There are many things that need to be fixed before its ready, but her is picture how it looks atm.

The spiders is right and left border texture, I will need some help whit textures, to make it look rally nice.