Thursday, December 15, 2011

Interesting Amiga projects from others.

For total AAA (Anonymous Amiga Alcoholic) there is a emulation project to run AmigaOS on Android mobile phones.

Link to:

There is also the blog about ReadionHD drivers from Hanz, working is being done to support full 3d acceleration.

Link to: Hanz blog

You should also check out DvPlayer and WarpView, DvPlayer is excellent DVD player, and can many video formats, it has nice GUI, WarpView is 3D accelerated picture view, its also a excellent software package, costs a some cash but its worth the investment.

Link to: dvplayer

If you into audio mixing you should check out Audio Evolution 4, its a multi platform application, runs on MacOS, AmigaOS and Windows.

Link to: audio-evolution

You should also check out Hollywood, its software package designed to make simple presentations (like powerpoint) to programs you can run, the project files can be compiled as executable so they can be run many opening systems, whit out any software being installed before.

Link to: hollywood

I just named a few there are many more interesting projects being worked on I'm going to post some more about this an other time.

I hope you enjoy the blog.

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