Saturday, December 29, 2012

680x0 development enviroment on AmigaOS4.1?

Yesterday I was wondering was, is it possible to setup a 680x0 development enviroment on AmigaOS4.1, whit out depending on UAE.

And the answer is yes.

Well first I tried AsmPRO, while program seams to work, it does give me some DSI crashes some times when I start the program, it did compile my code, but when pressing “j” to run it crashed.

So AsmPRO does not work under AmigaOS4.1, I did not like the integrated text/source code editor anyway.

Next I looked at the vbcc package it has a 680x0 compiler, but it can only produce .o files, so I need vlink once found it, I wrote a tiny AmigaDOS script.

Saved it and added script flag to the file using the protect command in AmgaDOS.
Next I found a "hello world" example using google.

Compiled it, and it worked.

So what is this all about, way do I wont to write 680x0 assembler?

Well the answer to that question is, a question I have been asking my self, what if I disassembled some of old programs that don't work anymore, will I be able fix this programs up?

I have limited experience whit assembler, I did make a 3d routine in inline Assembler in BlitzBasic2 and it worked, (I did it that way because did not have the right books, when I was learning assembler.)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Santa is working super hard to make it to christmas.

Bringing the Christmas felling to the Amiga desktop, Excalibur now running on my X1000, I might write some words about it.

It has taken allot more time then expected many of changes has resulted in having to fix new bugs, and many of previews bugs had to be fixed.

The list of changes is not short, its one of the biggest updates so it going to be called version 1.2.

* Button radius option in prefs
* Added border options for toolbar and menu 3D and XEN.
* Corrected many errors in calculations for menu.
* Background color for menu and toolbar are now individual.
* Improved rendering routines for toolbar icons
* Create_script() bug some files did not open when path was a volume.
* Fixed screen open/close notify bug. 
* Added XEN style to screens, clock and border.
* Set_screen_to_front() triggered a unnecessary refresh, bug fixed.
* Now prgram waits for singals like any normal programs does.
* Clock is now running as a subtask, and only renders when time updates,
  less CPU usage!.
* New about window is reaction, and the about event handler is running
  as a own task (bb2 legacy free.)
* CHIPMEM,FASTMEM,GFXMEM and so on, upgraded to unsigned long long int (uint64),
  should salve the negative memory problem.
* Mouse_over_clock() starts clock prefs app when clock is disabled, bug fixed.
* None initialized values in menu, can result in a crash, bug fixed.
* rendering bug when dropping icons on startbar, fixed.
* check_ext() only worked on .info files, bug fixed.
* was listed on volumes, bug fixed.
* When SYS:WBStartup is missing its created by the install script.
* Menu div can now be a transparent png image.
* menu div image can now be scaled.