Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Last weekend Amiga Project work.

Last weekend I was at friends doing some Amiga project work for fun, the idea style up Excalibur start menu whit transparent border, so my friend Svenn Ove Hansen worked on making a 3d object from 2d object image using Maja3d its powerful 3d application.

For some time a go I experimented whit Composition Porter duff stuff, I see other people are working on some thing on Amigans.net I do keep I eye on whats being talked about there.

Before we started I tried using DataTypes to load PNG images, but I'm sorry to say I where unable to get alpha channel in PNG image, so no transparency :-(

So spent some time getting libpng to link whit my program, I don't like to use Linux libraries, when AmigaOS has so advanced system for loading Images, but did not find any other way :-(

I looked up a example for loading png images as textures for OpenGL, it was prefect the only problem it was too old, and spend some time trying to figure out if I compile my program wrong or was missing some include files, finally I looked up documentation for LibPNG, replaced the stuff that was outdated and it compiled, next I need the images in struct BitMap format as that's what AmigaOS uses, LibPNG loads the image in RGBA format, not ARGB format so I need to convert the image as well, not just copy the image data, next I head to copy the Alpha part for ARGB in to 8bit Alpha Bitmap for transparency effect on the window you don't see :-)

Her is the result of work last weekend.

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