Saturday, March 17, 2012

Things moving slowly....

I have been sick last week, not so motivated doing anything, and there been a lot going on at work I hope our customer will be happy about larger winnings, also been spending a lot of weekends going out, that's way there not any blog updated in February and March.

But don't worry I have not stopped coding for AmigaOS completely, lately I have been investigating libcurl because it might be better way to implement a download manager then wasting time on writing my own code, and looking up different net protocols like ftp and http.

I have also been working on Basilisk II, I have merged the lasted changed from Scott A. Cabit, in to may source tree using diff tools, so easy to use diff tools, yet I have not used it before :-), at work we use git, so its all handled by git-cola (on Linux), I have also update my network code (for experimental TCP/IP stack), so now Basilisk II get different MAC addresses if you have more then one Basilisk runing at the same time, its now possible to run web server on one basilisk, and firefox or IE on an other basilisk, but there is a problem getting ARP respond when I have no loopback devices running in experiential TCP/IP stack, so maybe I need some extra code to take care of that, biggest problem atm is that AmigaONE-XE is not a speed daemon, so doing experiments are boring and slow, I guess I need to buy X1000 now.

I was thinking about moving the ARP code from Ethernet device in to the link layer, but I don't wont to make the link layer ugly, as its suppose to do only MAC multicast, broadcasts and stuff like that.

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