Friday, January 3, 2014

So here comes a small blog update.

Well I promised to fix few issues on forums, they where fixed, lately I have been feeling where tiered, and too many things to think about, during xmas, I have not felt motivated to work on it a lot, or get it completed before xmas, but now its here.

Every software release takes some time to prepare, just making shore the changes logs are updated, and checking that things works, for this release, I needed to check if it worked on my old AmigaONE-XE as well as AmigaONE-X1000, also when I'm finally ready, I find small things that need to be fixed, like some of the icons where not PNG, and also, I have noticed I have edited some files I should have generated, not really fixed that one.

The problem for language support you need to edit a source file, this will generate the local.c and local.h files, so in other words, I think local language support is a bit messed up, I should investigate how this works and make shore the files are generated correct, I will see what I can do for the next version.

Also I was thinking about making a YouTube video of fix, and what I did, but its way too much work for too little.

Its better if just explain what the problem was, and how I fixed it.

Fist of all there was some yellow effect that we did not like in full screen mode on AmigaONE-XE, Pagasus-II and other AGP/PCI AmigaOS4 compatible computers, Sam460 and AmigaONE-X1000, did not have that issue, so I need a fix that worked fine for PCIe as well as PCI/AGP.

I fingered out that the lack of picasso96 lock was the problem, but I'm not a fan of p96 lock if I do not need it, as p96lock has a tendency to lock up graphic system for a period of time, so I made it a option.

Last time I released Basilisk II 1.0.3. I did not write a blog but record a video, the volume was recorded a bit low, you might need to turn up the volume.

Her is the link:

And also thank you eliyahu for your donation, your the first :-)


  1. my pleasure. it's the least i could do. basilisk is a great tool for AOS4 and it's appreciated by lots of folks.

  2. Hi, just update sources to have proper localization updated some parts of GUI and udpated sources to not use deprecated functions. Can I send soruces to you LiveForIt so you can check'em?
    Still some strings unlocalized and some "bugs" lurking around :-)

  3. Yes if you want me to review your code, send a PM on or use dropbox, I have been thinking about uploading it to, so its easier for every one who is interested to commit stuff, to this project, as now some times need to manually merge the sources whit diff tools.

  4. Hi, think localization is finished!!! Updated some parts of the ReAction GUI. Need to do a code cleanup. If you want exec (+ cd) to see changes please email me to jabierdlrATgmailDOTcom


  5. I have created a SVN repo, on,
    You now have access to commit your changes.

    Best Regards