Friday, January 20, 2012

Tiny review about headphones.

I have Freetalk Freedom Wireless from skype and I have Logtech H760.

The Logitech is comfortable to use, it has good treble sound it does not have base and mic is at best average, no build quality it breaks easily, it leaks sound from headphones and the is easy picked up by the mic, if you just wont to talk whit your friends its fine as long as you don't listen to music at the same time.

The Freetalk was bit of disappointment, it did have lot of base but did not have any treble sound, my friends complained about poor mic quality, it does not leak sound, but its not leak from headphones like Logitech does, it is much better better quality but not so comfortable it sits too tight, it's okay for listening to music but not talk to your friends.

Do you have a proposal for headphones that you know is good quality place make comment Below.

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