Monday, January 16, 2012

Spotify or Despotify for AmigaOS4

A long time go I tried to port (De)Spotify, the open source version to AmigaOS4, but because 
we do not have the latest DNS api, too old TCP/IP stack (not supporting IPv6), too old SSL encryption, oh yes some problems whit UTF8/16, I did get it compiling and running whit the text based console, but network connection just closed on me, eventually I gave up. But not all is lost, recently OpenSSL was updated, and Skuggan has been taking whit Spotify to get an NDA agreement that allows him access to some developer documentation, there also has been talks about giving Spotify development team a Sam460 Amiga PPC so they can develop a Amiga version.

If you like to read about check out:

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