Saturday, December 29, 2012

680x0 development enviroment on AmigaOS4.1?

Yesterday I was wondering was, is it possible to setup a 680x0 development enviroment on AmigaOS4.1, whit out depending on UAE.

And the answer is yes.

Well first I tried AsmPRO, while program seams to work, it does give me some DSI crashes some times when I start the program, it did compile my code, but when pressing “j” to run it crashed.

So AsmPRO does not work under AmigaOS4.1, I did not like the integrated text/source code editor anyway.

Next I looked at the vbcc package it has a 680x0 compiler, but it can only produce .o files, so I need vlink once found it, I wrote a tiny AmigaDOS script.

Saved it and added script flag to the file using the protect command in AmgaDOS.
Next I found a "hello world" example using google.

Compiled it, and it worked.

So what is this all about, way do I wont to write 680x0 assembler?

Well the answer to that question is, a question I have been asking my self, what if I disassembled some of old programs that don't work anymore, will I be able fix this programs up?

I have limited experience whit assembler, I did make a 3d routine in inline Assembler in BlitzBasic2 and it worked, (I did it that way because did not have the right books, when I was learning assembler.)

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